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April 2014
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    Vision Research Announce the Launch of our New Company Blog

    We at Vision Research are excited to announce the launch of our new company blog.  The blog can be found right on the Vision Research homepage and will be updated consistently every week.  Look forward to new content on a variety of different topics including new product announcements, technical tips, FAQ’s, newly enacted programs, and general information on Vision Research and hi speed digital photography.  We have already gone live with our first post on our new camera recycling program. Visit the new blog by clicking here.

    This blog will remain active but will not be updated as of today, 12/12/12.

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    Updated FAQ Concerning CineFlash Installation

    We have updated the FAQ concerning the installation of our Phantom CineFlash product. See the FAQ.

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    Phantom Powered I-MOVIX Ultra-Slow-Motion Camera Shooting Through the Glass Backboard for NBA Bbasketball Coverage.

    While the revamped talent lineup for ESPN’s NBA Countdown studio show has dominated the headlines going into the network’s 11th season covering NBA basketball, there is also no shortage of technical enhancements for ESPN’s hard-court coverage, including a new studio set, the addition of an ultra-slo-mo camera shooting through the glass backboard, and a redesigned animations package.

    Continue reading.


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    Cinematographer Jim Geduldick uses Vision Research’s Phantom Miro to capture action sports

    By comparison, the Miro "is super-light, and it can run off smaller batteries, which is another big advantage," he reports. Geduldick also rates the Miro’s compactness and user-friendliness. "It’s not this huge camera that’s slowing you down, and if you go from sticks to handheld, you can have a quick-release plate on it and just run-and-gun. It also offers multiple choices of mounts, including Canon and Nikon, and I tend to use it with the Canon and PL mounts—the PL for high-end glass like Ultra Primes and the Canon for being able to swap lenses out." He notes that L-series glass is "still really affordable and easy to come by." Continue reading.

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    FOX captures World Series in Ultra Slow Motion

    Michael Grotticelli,; Oct. 25, 2012 8:00am

    As part of its live HD coverage of the 2012 Major League Baseball World Series, Fox Sports is using a special high-frame rate SloMo camera rig put together by a specialty production company in Jacksonville, VT, called Inertia Unlimited. The rig, called the “X-Mo” ultra slow-motion Phantom camera system, consists of a Vision Research v642 high-speed camera, Canon HD lens and a Telecast 3400 fiber transceiver to bring all comms and some control data back to the production truck on-site. Continue reading.

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    Miro High-Speed Inspiration Challenge Finalists Announced

    The Miro High-Speed Inspiration Challenge received hundreds of submission of an exceptionally high quality. Selecting the finalists was a challenge in itself for the judging committee. In fact, after much deliberation they decided to admit a fifth project into the Challenge. Continue reading. 

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    Firmware Upgrade for Phantom Cameras, Accessories

    Vision Research has released Firmware Upgrades for the Phantom HD, M110, M120, M310, M320S, 65, v1210, v1610, RCU, and CineStation

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    Phantom Miro LC-Series

    The Phantom Miro M-Series cameras have quickly gained adoption in the high-speed imaging market. Whether the customer is a scientist or engineer studying physical phenomena, or an aspiring filmmaker exploring slow-motion as a creative tool, one thing is clear—Phantom Miro cameras are a hit!Phantom M / LC320S Camera

    Now, Vision Research adds the LC-Series to the Phantom Miro camera line. The LC models provide a flip-out, touchscreen that can be used to set up and control the camera as well as provide a video image for framing and focus and for playback of recordings stored in camera memory.

    The LC models enable users to work in a truly untethered, portable environment. Battery power and CineFlash storage compliment the new LCD touchscreen to provide a complete ecosystem for portable “on the go” shooting. As one beta tester put it “This changes the way you think about shooting with Phantom cameras. The barriers of weight, user interface, cables, and power—everything is lowered. For the first time, you can easily go out by yourself and shoot super high speed like you’d shoot with a camcorder.”

    All models of the Miro line—110, 120, 310, and 320S —are available in the LC-Series. Upgrades from existing M-Series can be purchased now for November implementation . Check out the product pages to learn more.

    Phantom Miro M / LC110 Product Page
    Phantom Miro M / LC120 Product Page
    Phantom Miro M / LC310 Product Page
    Phantom Miro M / LC320S Product Page

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    Ultra Slow Motion Cameras were an Integral Component in Broadcasting Many of the Record-Setting Events at the Summer Olympics

    Vision Research is pleased report that its Phantom® v641 and v642 digital high-speed cameras were used to capture some of the premier sporting events at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

    "New worldwide records were set during prelims and then again in the final events at the 2012 Summer Olympics, and the Phantom Cameras were there to help capture the fast pace and slow it down for the audience at home,” notes Patrick Ott de Vries, Broadcast Business Manager at Vision Research. “Our cameras provided the opportunity to see veteran athletes performing at their best, while also giving us a glimpse of the surprising athletic talents of the next generation of Olympic  stars.” Continue reading.

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    Vision Research Upgrades Popular Miro Line To Improve Accessibility and Ease of Use

    Vision Research, has upgraded its popular Phantom® Miro line of cameras to become a more portable high-speed camera. This upgrade is designed to make high-speed imaging more accessible through ease of use and a smaller form factor.

    The LC-Series cameras have a flip-out LCD touchscreen for on-camera control and monitoring. Camera settings can be changed with a few taps on the touchscreen, which doubles as a monitor for live preview and cine playback from internal memory. The LCD user interface is also available in multiple languages. Continue reading.

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    How to Properly Install a Battery on a Phantom Miro Camera

    The key to properly installing a battery on a Phantom Miro camera is to tilt the battery slightly, with the bottom slightly forward of the top, as you insert the battery into the slot at the back of the camera, then gently pressing the battery down to make contact with the power pins. Check out our You Tube video.

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    Shark Week 2012: ‘Air Jaws Apocalypse’ PHOTOS Capture Amazing Great White Breaches

    For "Air Jaws Apocalypse," part of Shark Week 2012, filmmaker Jeff Kurr got close to the action off Seal Island in South Africa. The island, known for its ubiquitous white shark population, is prime turf for studying and photographing the majestic predators. Continue reading.

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    Phantom Cameras Are Making Their Mark on 2012 Olympics

    Once again the Phantom line of digital high-speed cameras will be front and center at the 2012 Olympics. Visit our In The News section of our Newsroom. Competitions in which Phantom cameras are scheduled to be used in include: Cross Horses, Tennis, Beach Volley, Volley Ball, Shooting, Judo, Takwaendo, Fencing, and Boxing

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    Miro Inspiration Challenge

    New York, NY – July 18, 2012 – AbelCine and Vision Research announced today the start of the “Miro High-Speed Inspiration."

    Learn more.

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    Phantom Camera Firmware Updates v411, v1210, v1610, & RCU

    Vision Research has posted Firmware upgrades for the Phantom v411, v1210, v1610, and RCU. Download available by clicking here.

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    Vision Research Introduces the Newest Member Of the Phantom®- 1Mpx- v-Series Camera Family

    New v411 Adds More Options to the V-Series Line of Phantom Cameras

    Vision Research, a leading manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, extends the company’s Phantom® 1 Megapixel (Mpx)-v-Series line of digital high-speed cameras with the addition of the v411. This addition provides consumers with even more options to get the performance they need within budget. The v411 uses the same technology as other 1Mpx v-Series cameras, adding a camera with 4Gpx/s throughout to the line. The v411 has a top speed at full resolution of 4200 fps. V-Series cameras feature high-definition, widescreen 1280×800 CMOS sensors and have larger 20 micron pixels that allow shooting in low light, which is often an issue with high speed imaging. Continue reading.

    Download the press release

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    UPDATED: Firmware for Phantom M320S,M110, M120, M310, v1610 v1210

    Vision Research has released updated Firmware for Phantom M320S, M110, M120, M310, v1610, and v1210. More Information.

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    Explosives Engineering Short Course — High Speed Imagery for Research and Experimentation

    AXPRO Group at Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado

    World leaders in digital high-speed imaging and explosive education, Vision Research and the Colorado School of Mines, have announced a collaboration to develop a university-level short course on high-speed imaging’s wide range of applications with a focus on experimentation with explosives and ballistic applications.

    The short course is a carefully structured introduction to main topics in field of explosive engineering and how to best use digital high-speed imaging when conducting experiments or research for military or civilian applications. Both the fundamentals theory and practical training will be conducted at Colorado School of Mines in Explosive Research Laboratory at Idaho Springs.

    More Information »

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    PCC v2.1.723.0 Released

    Vision Research has released Phantom Camera Control PCC software version v2.1.723.0. Click here for details.

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